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Dance INTERNATIONAL summer of DURBUY (Belgium) & the course of AUBETERRE (France) (Charente-Perigord)
Registration for summer internships is non-refundable except for medical reasons supported by an act of a licensed practitioner. Accommodation is in full charge of the trainees, you will find different information about the accommodation on offer and different means of cheap transport on the site.

Weekend or 5 days courses
Your registration will be effective when you have paid your internship.
In the case where the internship would be cancelled we will refund in full the sum debited via your IBAN and BIC of the Bank that we ask.
For people wanting to pay in 2 times, indicate in the form that you want to pay in 2 monthly payments enter the total amount on the settlement the CIC credit card, we will charge you the amount in two times, the first at the time of payment if the internship is confirmed, or at the time of confirmation of the course and the second due at the beginning of the following month. This payment in 2 times cannot be done exclusively by credit card. (with 2 cheques payment is allowed).

Any amount paid for the contest may be cancelled unless on justification of a medical procedure. In this case the amount paid will be returned providing us with IBAN and BIC of the person to repay.
As soon as you have paid the sum and we will have cashed it your registration will be valid.

PURCHASE of the CD the classics for the classic N ° 1 & N ° 2, the price includes the price of the CD + the port depending on the area of the country and the number of items purchased.